FarmLand Management

Our services include:
  • Buying & Selling of agricultural and forestry land
  • Letting and leasing of land
  • Land Swaps: Swapping of lands with the state agricultural fund and municipal authorities as well as with investment funds, individuals and private corporations
  • Tilling your lands and managing the management of the marketing process
  • Applying on your behalf for EU agricultural subsidies under the direct payment system
  • Managing the application process for a change of zoning of your land, for development purposes
  • Advice on leverage and mortgage financing

Additional services include:

  • Consultancy, advice & recommendations with regards to your investments and return optimisation as well as exit strategy
  • Research & Analysis of investment enhancements opportunities (vinyard orchard development, investment in corn storage facilities, wind turbines and bio-diesel refinery facilities etc)
  • Organising & arranging your travel and stay in Bulgaria, as well as trips arund the country to view your investments
  • Legal support - Put you in touch with an independent legal council/solicitor or notary public
  • Tax & Accounting support - Put you in touch with an independent tax and corporate accountant

Farm Land Bulgaria deducts the following taxes and commissions:

  • Fee for registration of firm - our consultants and lawyers will assist you by setting up or joining a company incorporated under Bulgarian legislation foreign person. The fee is about 300 euros. Such costs do not include the registered capital amount required to set up the company rating at min BGN 2 which you can, following company set-up, dispose of at such time and in such manner as in your own discretion as a holder thereof.
  • Property management fee - after buying the real estate we offer you complex management of your property and the taxes are negotiable.....more info

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