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We are fast growing brokerage business, specializing in the area of Bulgarian farmland and striving to provide a complete menu of services from buying & selling land through to land leases as well as advice and organization of full-scale agricultural operations. Since its inception in September 2006, we have achieved a turnover well in excess of 50 000 decares. Given how undervalued the asset class is (see investment rationale), we expect Bulgarian farmland to attract increasing attention by the most savy of investors.

Bulgaria enjoys excellent natural conditions for developing the agriculture and forestry sector. Cultivated agricultural land occupies about 4.9 million hectares or 44% of the total territory of the country. The favorable climate for crop production and the availability of agricultural land and long traditions have resulted in well-developed plant growing and animal breeding sectors. Other advantages are the low labor costs and the well respected high-schools and colleges offering training in modern farming and animal breeding techniques. Foreigners cannot own land, but the Foreign Investment Law has removed restrictions on the acquisition of land by locally registered companies with foreign participation.

Overview of Bulgaria
Low property prices, beautiful countryside, historic towns and unchanged rural traditions.? (The Times "Why Buy In Bulgaria?" 26 February 2003)
Bulgaria is located in central Eastern Europe and is famous for its stunning Black Sea coastline. Sharing a similar latitude to the South of France, Bulgaria enjoys a Summer climate similar to that of the Mediterranean and is a country with many attributes, presenting the opportunity for unrivalled capital growth.


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